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What’s in Your Dirty Area Rug?

Area rugs, like wall-to-wall carpeting, act as filters in your home. And, like carpets, they catch dust, dirt and allergens. Without professional cleanings, you’re letting bacteria build up in your area rugs.  Therefore, you’re also letting dirt, dust and allergens build up! Dirt and bacteria build up is damaging to area rugs.  This causes your rugs to show wear and tear.  And, only professional cleanings can remove all the damaging dirt and bacteria. So, what’s in your dirty area rugs?

Dirt is in your Area Rug.

Dirt is the most obvious thing hiding in your area rug. Area rugs laying in high traffic areas, which are those places where a lot of people and pets are walking, get filled with a lot of dirt.  Just think of all the places your shoes have been.  Then, as they walk across rugs, that dirt is transferred onto and into your area rugs.  Therefore, your area rugs look dirty and dingy from all the dirt tracked and trapped into them.

 A big pile of dirt.

Bugs Are in Your Area Rugs!

Area rugs laying in your kitchen or dining room, or in other areas prone to food and drink spills, can have bugs or other organisms living in them! Food and drink spills on area rugs that don’t get properly cleaned become food sources for living creatures.  And then bugs will make themselves right at home in your rugs! Because of this, be sure to clean up food and drink spills as quickly as they happen to prevent bugs in your rugs.

A magnified picture of a dust mite.

Dead Skin

A person sheds millions of dead skin cells every single day.  These dead skin particles get trapped in your carpets and area rugs.  Regular vacuuming keep your rugs and carpets looking cleaner. But, an occasional professional deep cleaning is the only way to get all the dead skin cells out of your area rugs. 


Your area rugs and the carpets in your home act as a giant air filter.  They trap dust and dirt particles that you can’t see.  This includes other pollutants that are in our air as well.  Going too long between professional cleanings make these pollutants build up in your rugs. This makes it hard for your family to breathe clean air. 


Even if you can’t see them, odors are getting trapped in your area rugs!  Especially if you have pets in your home.  Pet odors cling to carpets and area rugs.  The only way to fully remove odors from your area rugs and carpets is with professional deep cleanings.  At home cleaning methods are helpful when you notice smells in-between cleanings, but only professional cleanings can fully remove odors from your area rugs.  Even if your puppy used your area rug often when potty training.  Those urine smells can be removed, but only by a professional.

An area rug filled with pet urine stains.

Pet Hair

Do you have pets in your home? If so, you know how much hair they shed.  Pet hair always seems to find a way to get trapped into the fibers of area rugs.  Regular vacuuming will get some of the pet hair up.  But, you also need regularly scheduled professional cleanings to keep pet hair from getting tangled deep into the fibers of your area rugs.

A dog laying next to a pet brush and pile of dog hair.

Oily Residue

Every day, oily residues from you and your pets are being carried into and around your home.  You can’t always see it on your carpets or area rugs, but it is there.  These oily residues dry on your rugs and builds up over time.  This causes dirt and grime to lock into the fibers of your rugs, making them appear dirtier and causes some discoloration! You have to have a professional clean your area rugs to get rid of any oily residue that has built up over time. 

Shag Area Rugs

So much gets trapped in the long fibers of a shag area rug.  One of my favorite things to do at Rug Cleaning of Tulsa is go on a treasure hunt when we get a shag area rug.  As we vacuum and beat all the dirt and dust out of area rugs, so many more things fall out of a shag rug.  I’ve started collecting all the things we find.  We’ve found money, hair ties and clips, lots of legos, and dog toys! While regular vacuuming at home does keep the dirt to a minimum, there’s no way to get everything out of shag area rug on your own. Only a professional cleaning can find all the treasures buried in your rug.

Random items found buried in a shag area rug.

Now you can see all the things that get trapped into your area rugs and your carpets.  It’s important to vacuum regularly at your home.  Not only will it make the air you breathe in your home cleaner, but it also prolongs the life of your area rugs and carpets and keeps them looking beautiful.  However, regular vacuuming is not enough.  Professional cleanings are a must.  We have partnered with Rug Cleaning of Tulsa to bring you the best professional rug cleaning in the area. So Call us today for a free quote.