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Carpet Cleaning and Pretreament

As the Tulsa area’s best professional carpet cleaners there are different steps we take as we arrive to your home or business to provide you with the absolute best carpet cleaning service available.  The very first thing we take note of when we enter your home or business is the smell.  Are your carpets holding onto any smells that you have grown immune to?  Next, we try to pinpoint the stained areas.  We ask you to point out any stains you are aware of, and we try to identify the stains. 

Once we know what types of smells and stains we are dealing with, we are then ready to pre-treat your carpets.  This is a crucial step in any proper professional steam cleaning job.

Tulsa Area Carpet Cleaners explain Pre-treating before Carpet Cleaning:

Somebody prespraying a carpet before steam cleaning it

Pre-treating the carpets before steam cleaning them helps to loosen up and remove any dirt or grime that has been ground into the fibers due to foot traffic.  The pre-treatment can also help to kill bacteria or other unhealthy contaminants your carpet fibers may be hiding and holding.

Why is Pre-treating a Crucial Step?

Pre-treating the carpets with a pre-treatment solution prior to cleaning not only helps to increase the speed of the job, but it also helps make the final outcome much better.  There are some stains that just steam cleaning alone won’t get out.  Food stains, blood, wine or grease-based stains are almost impossible to remove with steam alone.  Our pre-treatment helps to loosen the stain so steam cleaning can remove them.  We don’t just pre-treat the stains.  No matter how clean the rest of the carpet may look, it all needs pre-treated. 

The pre-treatment loosens up invisible dirt and grime that has been trapped in the carpet fibers.  Without using a pre-treatment to loosen up this dirt, just steam alone may not remove it all. The pre-treatment solution we use will also help to loosen up particles that can cause odors and discolorations.

What Can You Do?  

After calling Tulsa’s best carpet cleaners at Master Clean Carpet and Tile Cleaning of Tulsa, take some steps to help ensure our pre-treatment is able to get into the fibers of your carpet and do its job. 

One of the most important things to consider before we pre-treat is how much a good thorough vacuuming will help the pre-treatment do its job. Vacuuming will remove any loose dust, dirt, hair or fur that would otherwise get stuck in our carpet wands. This can interfere with the rest of the steam cleaning process by preventing the smaller dirt particles from being removed by our carpet wands. 

Having your carpets vacuumed before we arrive helps to make the steam cleaning go quicker and ensures the pre-treatment will do its job adequately.  Leaving your carpets the most fresh they can be. 

It’s good for you to be informed about the pre-treatment process.  Pre-treating is such an integral part of the steam cleaning process that most companies include the pricing for pre-treating within their quote.  That’s what we do.  Any time you get a quote from Master Clean Carpet and Tile Cleaning of Tulsa, you can know that the price we quote is the price we will charge when we show up to do the job.  If anything, we can come down off the price some, but we will NEVER charge you more or try to add on products.  Whatever price we quote you will be the price for Pre-treating, steam clean, disinfecting and deodorizing your carpets – we even include any stain removal within that quoted price.

Be wary of other companies that may try to charge you extra for additional products, such as pre-treatment.  If a company is trying to charge more for pre-treatment or that considers pre-treatment as an optional step should be looked upon with some reasonable suspicion.  Just be informed and be careful to use a reputable Tulsa carpet cleaning company. 

Spot Cleaning and Pre-treatments

Please remember – renting the machines that allow you to steam your carpets on your own is a good alternative for spot cleaning.  They are not a good investment if you need all of your carpets cleaned.  Nothing beats a regularly scheduled carpet cleaning by the professionals.  We know that spills and accidents can happen. And the machines you can buy or rent are good for spot cleaning between regularly scheduled professional cleanings. 

a do it yourself steam cleaning machine

There are a couple things to keep in mind while using your own bought or rented steam cleaning machine.  First, they do not get as hot as our truck mounted systems.  While they do heat the water up some, they will not reach the same temperature as our machines.  So you won’t get as good a quality of a cleaning that you will get with our machine.  Also, they do not have the same suctioning power.  This means that not all the dirt and water gets sucked up from your carpets.  Additionally, not all the cleaning solution you use will get sucked up. Leaving a soapy residue on your carpets.

Bubbles on carpets.

If you do use your own bought or rented steam cleaning machine, please only use it for spot cleaning.  Also, be sure that whatever solutions you put down to clean your carpets with, you clean them all up.  This could mean going over the same area with only water several times.  Any products that you leave in your carpet would just attract more dirt to them, causing your carpets to look dirtier over time. 

For spot cleaning on tough stains, it is a good idea to use a pre-treatment.  This could be a store-bought solution that comes with the machine, or a homemade product.  For a homemade alternative, mix a drop or two of a detergent with hot water in a spray bottle.  Lightly mist the dirty area and let sit for 10-15 minutes.  Then use your machine as instructed.  Again, it is very important to remove any soap or products completely from the carpets.  Otherwise, they will look even dirtier over time than when you started. 

Call Master Clean Carpet and Tile Cleaning of Tulsa

The best option when it comes to cleaning your carpets is to always go with the Tulsa Area’s best professional carpet cleaners at Master Clean.  You will always get the whole package when you call us.  We will quote you a price and will never charge more than that quoted price when we show up to do the job.  We do not charge you extra for extra products we use.  Our quoted price always includes pre-treating, steam cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing.  Call today to find out how we can extend the life of your carpets with a professional steam cleaning. 

The process for cleaning area rugs can be greatly different than for cleaning your carpets.  Many area rugs can be greatly damaged if you try to clean them yourself.  Instead of taking the chance with your area rugs, call our partners at Rug Cleaning of Tulsa for a professional area rug cleaning.