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Tile and Grout Cleaning Tulsa

Like carpets, tile and grout cleaning is recommended to keep your tile and grout looking like new. Only mopping the tile and grout over time doesn’t get all the dirt and grime out. We use the best solutions to leave your tile and grout looking shiny and new again.

When “Do It Yourself” Doesn’t Work

No amount of elbow grease or store-bought cleaning solutions seem to restore the look of your grout to its original state.

Stop spending your precious time struggling with your tile and grout, and reach out to Mater Clean Carpet and Tile Cleaning of Tulsa, Oklahoma instead.

We’re equipped to tackle even the most stubborn problems:

  • Discolored grout lines
  • Lackluster, wax-coated surfaces
  • Tile stains
  • Deep-seated dirt
  • Persistent grime
  • Stubborn grease

Tile and Grout Cleaning Image Gallery

View a few images of our tile and grout cleaning in progress and witness the difference a professional cleaning can make.

The Master Clean 3-Step Process

Step 1:


This step is important to get the dirt and grime that gets down into the tile and grout to come out. First, we spray the pretreatment down and scrub any concern areas with the solution down. Then we let it set for at least 10 minutes to give it time to penetrate the tile and grout.

Step 2:

Steam Clean

Next we pressure clean the tile and grout with 250 degrees steam, and 1000-1500 psi pressure. This process ensures that we get as much dirt and grime out as we can during the tile and grout cleaning.

Step 3:

Tiel & Grout Protection

We offer a protector for your tile and grout cleaning. Like carpets, this protector is not always needed. We will not try and sell it to you. If we feel like the protector will be beneficial for your tile and grout after the cleaning, we will discuss this with you and give you all of your options.