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Admit it, no matter how much you either love or hate TikTok, there has been times when you found yourself lost in the rabbit hole of reels.  During those trips, how many rug cleaning videos did you watch? Satisfying rug cleaning videos trap your attention.  But why are all the rug cleaning videos so satisfying to watch?


Check out this first flush on this urine filled shag rug!?rug ruglove satisfying rugwashingasmr rugwashingvideos asmrtiktoks itswhatwedo weweremadeforthis tulsa rugwashing asmr urine urineinfection urineremoval peepeepoopoo

♬ Look at that peepee – Rug Cleaning of Tulsa

There are many benefits to having your area rugs professionally cleaned.  However, these days, the biggest benefit to having rugs professionally cleaned is the videos created from the process. At Master Clean Carpet and Tile Cleaning of Tulsa, we not only love to clean your area rugs by partnering with Rug Cleaning of Tulsa, we also love to make videos of us cleaning them! So let us clean your rugs!

Why So Satisfying?

What is it that traps us into watching these videos? It’s called ASMR. says ASMR is short for “autonomous sensory meridian response.”  It is defined as a “sensory phenomenon that occurs in response to low-volume audio stimuli, comprising a tingling sensation in the scalp, and sometimes including the neck or back along the spine, along with a trancelike state of deep relaxation.”  As a noun, it is a “genre of audio or video recording featuring gentle whispers, crinkling paper, tapping fingers, or buzzing sounds that are intended to elicit a pleasurable or relaxing autonomous sensory meridian response.”

What exactly does that mean?

In simple terms, ASMR videos give you a physical type of feeling just from watching them.  You get a physical response to a visual input. Some people say ASMR videos are relaxing to watch.  Something about the sounds in them is relaxing, but not for everyone.  Different people react to ASMR in different ways. For example, some people love the tingling feeling these videos give them while others cringe to see the videos.

  • Improved mood

    • Early research shows 80% of people who watch ASMR videos have improved mood.
  • Immediate pleasure

    • People that experience shivers and tingles from watching videos report having a very pleasurable and relaxing feeling.  This feeling usually happens instantly while watching.
  • Pain relief

    • An early study shows some people who deal with chronic pain have relief that lasts up to 3 hours after watching ASMR videos.
  • Better sleep

    • Research has shown that ASMR helps with getting your brain into the right state for deep sleep. Further, it gets you into deeper relaxation for healthier sleep.

Other benefits have been reported from ASMR.  For example, people who enjoy ASMR report having reduced anxiety, fewer headaches, and lower blood pressure.  However, more research is needed to prove these claims.

ASMR is not for every body

Nevertheless, not everyone enjoys watching these videos.  For some people, ASMR videos have the opposite effect.  Some people cringe when they watch an ASMR Video.  People who suffer from misophonia (hatred of sound) get triggered by the sounds in ASMR videos.  Other people simply report no effect at all.

Where to watch Satisfying Rug Cleaning Videos.

If ASMR is your thing, then head over to our social media pages to get your fill! We love making videos of the rugs we are cleaning.  And, we get just as much satisfaction from cleaning the rugs as you get from watching the videos!

We partnered up with Rug Cleaning of Tulsa to clean all of your area rugs.  Follow them on TikTok! Here’s a link to the page.

And, to have your area rugs featured in our ASMR videos, call today for a free quote! We would love to feature your rug on our page, even if it isn’t as dirty as some you see out there.