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Full disclosure – cleaning my tile floor is not fun.  It’s hard to Love Your Tile.  With two teenage boys at home, it seems my kitchen is always open and no matter how often I sweep and mop, the tile always seems to need cleaned. It’s like trying to brush your teeth while eating oreos!

But, why does my tile floor look dingy even after mopping for the umpteenth time? That answer is simple. Over time, the tile and grout will absorb parts of your cleaning solution causing stains and discolorations. And the tile in your bathroom… well we all know boys have terrible aim, so we know what liquid is also being absorbed in there as well! Yikes!

What’s the solution? At Master Clean, we recommend having your tile professionally steam cleaned once every year or two. Professional steam cleaning helps loosen and remove the embedded dirt and cleaning solutions in your tile and grout. Not only does steam cleaning your tile improve the appearance, it helps lengthen the life of your tile and helps remove any hidden mold and mildew as well.

Be sure to call Master Clean when you’re ready to have your tile clean! And, be sure to check out before and after pictures on our website and facebook page! Let us help you Love Your Tile!

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