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How Humidity Can Affect Your Carpets

We all know these Oklahoma summers… hot and humid! Sometimes the humidity is unbearable.  These muggy summer days can have an effect on more than just our mood and comfort levels.  A bad case of the muggies and affect your carpets as well!

Humidity and Carpets
Ripple in Carpets from humidity

Effects of Humidity to Your Home’s Carpets

Some of the harmful effects of humidity to carpets don’t just happen overnight.  They happen slowly during long periods of high humidity.  Here are some things that could happen to your carpets if they are exposed to higher humidity levels for long periods of time.

Molding – Different molds are not only damaging to carpets and ugly, but they are bad for your health too! The presence of moisture can increase the process of mold growth.  Be sure to have your carpets cleaned regularly to help prevent mold growth.

More Dirt – Higher humidity levels can lead to higher dirt levels.  Dirt can actually travel with the moisture in the air.  So, if you don’t control the humidity levels in your home, your carpets can seem dirty quicker.  Regular steam cleanings and maintaining humidity levels help keep your carpets cleaner.

Bacteria and pests – Carpets act as a giant filter for your home.  When humidity levels are high, bacteria and dirt can travel in the moisture in the air.  These things then get caught in your carpets as they act like filters.  This could cause health issues, especially to those who are more prone to allegories.  Be sure to have your carpets regularly steam cleaned to help prevent health issues during high humidity times.

Mis-shaping – High humidity and high temperature levels could lead to rippling in your carpets.  This happens when the carpet fibers condense during dry weather then swell up with excessive moisture in the air.  Regular cleanings and maintain humidity levels in your home help to alleviate these issues.

How to Protect Your Carpets

There are different ways to protect your carpets from damage from humidity.  For example, you can:

Keep humidity levels level.

The ideal level of humidity is somewhere between 40 to 50 percent.  Keeping your humidity levels there, or anywhere from 65 percent and lower is the best to help keep your carpets from attracting mold growth.

Use an air humidifier if needed

An air humidifier can help to control the levels of humidity in your home.  Fans and air conditioners also help to keep the air moving, which helps to keep the air dry.

Have your carpets regularly professionally cleaned.

The best way to protect your carpets is to regularly schedule professional cleanings. It’s important to always take care of your carpets, but when humidity levels are high it may take a little longer for your carpets to dry.  To help your carpets dry quicker, be sure to follow the above advice.  Try to keep the humidity levels in your home level and low.  Close windows and use fans and your air conditioner.  Encouraging air flow throughout your home is always a way to keep it fresh.  It’s just as important to help fight against problems high humidity levels can cause. 

If you are noticing any issues with your carpets, call us today.  Our Master Clean Carpet and Tile Cleaning family can help clean up almost any mess on your carpets or tile and grout.