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Hot weather and Carpet Cleaners in Tulsa 

According to the National Weather Service, the Tulsa Area had twenty (20) 100-plus degree heat in July, 2022.  That is the sixth hottest July in our history! And weather reports are showing even more 100-degree days on the way.  So, what are carpet cleaners in Tulsa doing to beat the heat? At Master Clean Carpet and Tile Cleaning of Tulsa we are educating ourselves on the heat wave and on heat-related illnesses so that we will know what to watch for.  And, while we strive to work around everyone’s schedule when setting jobs into our calendar, we are also trying to stick to cooler times of the days for our own safety.  This also helps to ensure our equipment does not get over-heated. 

What are Heat Related Illnesses

There are a range of heat illnesses that can affect anyone.  These heat illnesses can attack anyone.  They don’t care your age or physical condition.  Meaning even the healthiest person can be affected by heat illness if not taking the right precautions while working in the heat.  Here is a list of heat related illnesses, the symptoms that accompany them, and how to treat each illness according to the United States Department of Labor Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA).

A graphic depicting heat exhaustion

Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is the most serious heat-related illness.  It can occur when the body can no longer control its temperature.  The body’s temperature rises rapidly.  Heat stroke causes the body’s sweating mechanism to fail, and the body is unable to cool down.  When heat stroke occurs, the body temperature can rise to 106 degrees or higher within 10 to 15 minutes.

According to John Hopkins Medicine, heat stroke is a life-threatening emergency.  It is a condition that develops rapidly and needs immediate medical treatment. 

Symptoms of heat stroke include the following: confusion; slurred speech; loss of consciousness; red, hot, dry skin or profuse sweating; very high body temperature; seizures.

If a Tulsa area carpet cleaner, or anyone, is suffering from heat stroke, it is important to be treated immediately.  Heat stroke can cause permanent damage – or even death! If you think someone is suffering from heat stroke, call 911 first.  Then you can implement some other immediate first-aid measures while waiting for the help to arrive.  First get the person to a shaded area, out of the sun.  Then remove some clothing and gently apply cool water to the skin followed by fanning to stimulate sweating.  Apply ice packs to the groin and armpits. Have the person lie down in a cool area with their feet slightly elevated and try to cool them as quick as you can, however you can.

A graphic depicting heat exhaustion

Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion happens when the body loses excess amounts of water and salt typically from sweating.  It is often accompanied by dehydration.  There are two types of heat exhaustion, water depletion and salt depletion.  The signs of water depletion include excessive thirst, weakness, headache and loss consciousness.  Thile the signs of salt depletion can include nausea and vomiting, muscle cramps and dizziness.   Heat exhaustion is not as serious as heat stroke, but without proper prevention or treatment, it can progress to heat stroke.

Tulsa Carpet Cleaners should look out for the following symptoms of heat exhaustion: cool, moist skin; heavy sweating; headache; nausea or vomiting; dizziness; light-headedness; weakness; thirst; irritability; elevated body temperature; decreased urine output.

If you or anyone else is showing symptoms of heat exhaustion, it is important to immediately get out of the heat and to rest.  If possible, get into the air condition to help cool down.  If you can’t get inside, find the nearest shady place to rest there.  You can also try removing any tight or unnecessary clothing, take a cool shower or apply ice pack to cool down.  If you can’t cool down and get relief after 15 minutes, then seek emergency medical treatment so that the heat exhaustion does not progress to heat stroke.


Rhabdomyolysis is sometimes called Rhabdo.  Rhabdo is a serious medical condition that can be fatal or result in permanent disability.  It occurs when damaged muscle tissue releases its proteins and electrolytes into the body’s blood.  This can damage the heart and kidneys.  Rhabdo can happen after a serious trauma or injury, like a crush.  But it can also happen from heat exposure, physical exertion or overuse.  So, it is an important illness for Tulsa Carpet Cleaners to be aware of during these 100 degree days.

A drawing of what happens with muscles during Rhabdo

Symptoms of rhabdomyolysis include the following: muscle cramps/pain; abnormally dark (tea or cola-colored) urine; weakness; exercise intolerance.

Only a healthcare provider can determine how severe the Rhabdo is through blood tests and electrocardiograms.  Less severe cases can be treated by drinking lots of fluids, getting out of the heat and resting.  More severe cases will need IV fluids or possibly even hospital treatment. 

a image of a man suffering a heat cramp

Heat Cramps

Heat cramps are painful, involuntary muscle spasms that usually occur during exercise or work (like carpet cleaning) in hot environments.  They typically occur due to dehydration and loss of nutrients from excessive sweating.  Therefore, they are associated with heavy perspiration.  The exact cause of heat cramps is unknown.  However, they are probable related to electrolyte problems.  Heat cramps are most common in the abdomen, back, arms, or legs.

Symptoms of heat cramps include the following: muscle cramps, pain, or spasms that usually occur in the abdomen, arms, or legs.

Heat cramps can be very painful.  If you experience heat cramps, take a break from the activity you are engaged in.  Get some rest.  Drink lots of fluids and restore electrolytes.  If the symptoms do not go away after resting and restoring fluids and electrolytes, then consider seeking medical attention.

A picture of a woman's back who has a heat rash

Heat Rash

A heat rash is a common rash on the skin that shows up when you are hot or if you are sweating a lot.  It can make your skin feel prickly or it can create a stinging sensation.  Heat rash can also itch.  But it is not dangerous.  Anyone can get a heat rash, but it is more common in babies and young children.  When you sweat too much, the ducts from the sweat glands in your skin can become blocked.  This causes your sweat to leak into the surrounding tissue, which leads to irritation, causing the heat rash.

Symptoms of heat rash include the following: clusters of red bumps on skin that often appear on the neck, upper chest, groin, under the breasts and in elbow creases.  

There is no standard treatment to get rid of heat rash. Heat rash will typically get better once you cool down.  Most people don’t need to seek medical treatment for heat rash. If you experience heat rash, move to a cooler, less humid place.  Try taking a cool shower or bath. Avoid using creams and powders as they could clog your sweat pores even more. 

How to Prevent Heat Illness

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the best way to prevent heat related illnesses is by staying cool, staying hydrated and staying informed. 

Stay Cool:

Choose lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing.

Stay indoors if possible.

Try to limit outdoor activities to time when it’s the coolest temperatures.

Pace yourself when working in the heat.

Wear sunscreen to prevent sunburn.

Avoid hot and heavy meals.

Stay Hydrated:

Drink plenty of fluids.

Replace salt and minerals by drinking something that has added electrolytes.  Many companies offer a variety of options for this.  Try something like Arbonne’s TrueSport Hydration.

Stay Informed:

Know the signs of the different heat related illnesses so you can take appropriate actions if needed.

At Master Clean Carpet and Tile Cleaning of Tulsa, your favorite carpet cleaners in the Tulsa Area, we’re taking all the necessary precautions to stay safe and hydrated during this heat wave.  So, if you need us to take care of your carpets, tile and grout, or upholstery, we can! Don’t let the heat stop you from giving us a call today.