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A Broken 2020, we are praying and believing that 2021 will be better. 2020 seemed like a rough year, didn’t it? On top of our normal stresses and worries, we were also faced with global pandemic, civil unrest, and a crazy election! It is so easy to get caught up in the troubles this world faces on a daily basis.  But our family at Master Clean has decided to go a different route in 2021.  We are going into this year praying and believing for oh so much.  Will you pray and believe with us?

A broken 2020, Praying and Believing over 2021

We are Believing

We are believing that 2021 is a year of peace.  Peace for our families, peace for our country, peace for this world.

Believe with us that 2021 is a year of growth.  Growth in faith, growth in businesses, growth in relationships, growth in understanding.

We are believing that 2021 is a year of love.  Love for Christ, love for each other, love for our nation.

Believe with us that 2021 is a year of kindness.  Just be kind to each other. 

You don’t have to be a Christian to realize that we need peace, understanding, love and kindness in this world.  However, I can promise you, Jesus is the answer for these things.  Christians still face 2020-type years.  But with the joy Jesus gives, we can face them knowing we win in the end.  Our family would love to invite yours to think about your relationship with Jesus.  Don’t have one? It’s easy to get one.  God sent Jesus to die on the cross as atonement for our sins.  Simply pray.  Ask Him to forgive you for your sins.  Ask Him to guide you.  Believe that he is our savior, and ask him into your life. Believe these things with all your heart. That’s the start to a relationship with him. 

One more thing we are praying and believing in 2021 – that we can help as many people as possible find Jesus.

Written by Master Clean Carpet and Tile Cleaning of Tulsa, LLC Co-Owner, Jessalyn Price.