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My Wool Area Rug Smells

Tulsa Carpet Cleaners at Master Clean tell you how to fix smelly wool area rugs. Wool area rugs have incredible design power that can really bring together a room’s style.  They can be made either by hand or by machines.  These area rugs are made with natural,...

My House and Carpets Smell

Tulsa Carpet Cleaners at Master Clean tell you how to fix smelly carpets. Do you notice the smells in your house? Or have you grown used to them? Sometimes, we don’t even notice the smells in our own house.  It takes someone new coming in to notice them for us. Try...

Carpet Cleaners in Tulsa Beating the Heat

Hot weather and Carpet Cleaners in Tulsa  According to the National Weather Service, the Tulsa Area had twenty (20) 100-plus degree heat in July, 2022.  That is the sixth hottest July in our history! And weather reports are showing even more 100-degree days on the...

Carpet Padding

Why Carpet Padding is Important Whenever you have new carpets installed, the padding that goes below it should be an important decision you make prior to installation.  There are many different types of carpet padding.  With all the different types, how do you know...