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Viscose Area Rugs

What are Viscose Area Rugs? Viscose is a type of rayon.  Rayon is a type of fabric that is made from purified cellulose fibers, which are typically made from wood pulp.  Viscose is a fiber made of wood pulp and cellulose waste by-products.  The fibers go through an...

Floors Jesus Walked On

We Know He Walked On Water – But What About the Floors Jesus Walked On? Have you ever wondered what kind of floors were in the houses in Jesus’ day? What kind of floors Jesus walked on? Or is that a question that that only a carpet cleaner would ask? Only a...

Different Types of Tile Flooring

Tile, Tile, Tile – Oh My!  These days, tile is a very popular flooring choice in most homes and there are so many different types of tile flooring to choose from. There are good reasons that tile flooring is so popular. Tile offers a huge range of benefits for...